How does your organization:

avoid breakdowns and identify system problems
improve energy efficiency
manage building facilities
handle remote service and support?

HutGrip can help:

prevent failures
streamline production
increase system performance
apply Lean and Six Sigma practices  Find out more >

Here is how HutGrip works

1   —   We connect HutGrip to your environment
2   —   HutGrip collects and stores data in the Cloud
3   —   You get real-time dashboards and visual reports
4   —   HutGrip’s algorithms and predictive analytics analyze the data
5   —   Live notifications keep you up to date on the status of your system

Join our Early Adopters Program and work closely with us

We are offering access to the HutGrip web service at premium rates until 31st December 2014 when the program finishes. We want to work closely with key customers to develop data analytics capabilities together for existing equipment in use or new systems and devices in development. The aim is to coordinate our product development with a real understanding of our customers’ needs and their own product development.

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