We bridge the gap between businesses and technologies

We help our customers to answer to questions such as how IoT affects the current business models, what are the new business models and opportunities, how to calculate the return on investment (ROI), how to proceed with the integration and how to communicate that inside the organization.

You need solution to:

– prevent equipment breakdowns
– improve processes efficiency
– reduce response time to failures
– handle remote service and support
– shorten the cycle of product change
– boost existing revenue channels?

We can help to:

– analyze the current needs, processes and technologies
– suggest a tailored IoT solution
– estimate the financial benefits and costs
– integrate solution
– analyze the results
– suggest areas for further improvements

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The results are:

– Shift from reactive to preventive actions
– Fast access to cloud-stored performance data
– Fast and high-quality technical support at lower costs
– Higher efficiency of the research and development
– Improved quality of the products and services, new services


UltraFlex Power Technologies

Remote service and support

By embedding HutGrip, they now offer new services to their customers resulting in new revenue channels, high quality customer service, better warranty and maintenance services for the customers all over the world.

TPC Printing & Packaging

Avoid Breakdowns
Printing and Packaging Industry

There is no practical way to check the temperature in critical locations where a bearing might overheat and cause multiple failures. HutGrip takes measurements in real-time and sends the data to the Cloud service every minute.

Diversified Companies, LLC

Identify System Problems
Printing and Packaging Industry

Diversified Companies used HutGrip’s platform to see exactly how the equipment is functioning depending on the changing environment, measure efficiency and diagnose problems when they have malfunctions.

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How we work

1. Audit of the manufacturer

we analyse current processes and related technologies, we prepare a tailored solution, we estimate the financial benefits, we determine the steps for implementation, we plan time and budget

2. Preparing and connecting the equipment

we identify the appropriate way to connect the equipment to the cloud and we provide assistance if technical changes are required

3. Setup accounts, notifications and analytics

we create the required accounts for the users, we set rules for check and notifications and we tune the system to perform the necessary data analyses

4. Results analysis and actions for further improvements

after a period of time we analyse the results of the integration, we compare them to the planned goals and expected results and we prepare recommendations for possible improvements



  • operational instead of capital expenditures
  • lower costs for tech support and R&D
  • improved brand reputation – thanks to improved quality of the products and services
  • new services as competitive advantage – extended warranty, buy-back plans, performance analyses, maintenance-as-a-service, bundled repairs and spare parts kits, machine-as-a-service


  • increased equipment uptime
  • prevention of potential failures
  • preventive maintenance / proactive approach
  • repair / maintenance on demand

Technical Support

  • fast access to data
  • fast identification of the problem
  • reduced reaction time

Research & Development

  • based on real performance data
  • plenty of data
  • shortened product modification period



Ivan Dragoev

Ivan graduated in Computer Science in 2006. He worked as a software architect in major international companies before founding a software development company of his own – CompletIT (rebranded later on as IndigoVerge). In May 2011 Ivan founded HutGrip to develop a cloud-based SaaS solution for manufacturing. HutGrip won numerous innovation awards and later on its team joined Gigtank’s business development program in Chattanooga, USA.
Since January 2013 Ivan is the key figure in HutGrip consulting and offers business consulting related to industrial Internet of Things. He speaks at major international and local industry innovation events like the International Plovdiv Fair, Siemens Innovation Forum, Get in the Ring 2014, Ninth National Innovation Forum and others.

Ilia Iordanov

Ilia has a Technician degree from the Technical University of Sofia and Computer Engineering degree from Front Range Community College, Colorado. He is a long-term business partner of Ivan Dragoev and the co-founder in CompletIT/IndigoVerge software company. Ilia has extensive business experience following 8-years of managing a software company and 2 proprietary start-up projects. He is a board member of the Bulgarian association of software companies and represents the organization at various events worldwide.
Ilia has been a business consultant on projects related to business process optimization, electric vehicles, entrepreneurship and startups.