How does your organization:

prevent breakdowns and identify system problems
improve energy efficiency
reduce response time to failures
manage building facilities
handle remote service and support
shorten the cycle of product change?

HutGrip Consulting can help to:

analyze the current processes and technologies
estimate possible efficiency improvements
suggest a tailored solution
prepare and connect the equipment to the cloud
analyze the results
suggest areas for further improvements
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What are the results for our customers?

1   —   Shift from reactive to preventive actions
2   —   Fast access to cloud-stored performance data
3   —   Fast and high-quality technical support at lower costs
4   —   Higher efficiency of the research and development
5   —   Improved quality of the products and services, new services

Our Mission

We help our customers to achieve their business goals by adopting industrial Internet of Things (IIoT, IoT) in their businesses. Our consulting services aim to give an answer to questions such as how IoT affects the current business models, what are the new business models and opportunities, how to calculate the return on investment (ROI), how to proceed with the integration and how to communicate that inside the organization. We bridge the gap between businesses and technologies. Who is on our team?


Why choose us?

Our consulting expertise is based on real-world experience. In 2011 HutGrip Consulting set off the development of a cloud-based IoT and data analytics platform for equipment manufacturers. After extensive work, facing the difficulties in this market, in 2013 several customers we consulted in USA and Bulgaria ended up with successfully adopting our platform. In 2014 we shifted our focus from platform development to business consulting following the growing demand for such services in a world that gets more and more connected.
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