1538680_252779614904789_1663855479_nOn March 5, this year our team at HutGrip was among the 20 participants in the first of its kind technology event for young professionals “I, Engineer“. The Youth career forum was held in Inter Expo Center – Sofia and was attended by over 700 young professionals , students, high school students and hobbyists in the field of engineering. The aim was to present to young people, the prospects for development in our country, the aspects of the activities of the companies involved, their experience and current projects.

For the event, we prepared a special demo, monitoring several parameters. Their changes in real time, could be manipulated by the visitors and the environment and to be observed on the HutGrip online platform. Through the day we met many young people and received different interesting questions which shows us that we have managed to arouse their interest and enthusiasm.

The first event of the “I, Engineer” was successful. We wish the organizers to continue so in the future and would be happy to see you there next year!