Starting today, I’ve decided to be sharing with you, on a regular basis (committing to 2 times per week, but hopefully even more often), the most useful articles on IoT and industrial IoT that I’m going through. Those will be articles with valuable insights, having numbers, cost estimations and business models. I’ll be glad if someone else also contributes to my selections, so feel free to share great IoT articles you are coming across, via Twitter, Facebook or at Use tag #IoTreads

Here are my first picks – happy reading!

Putting Business First in the Internet of Things

by Bruce Sinclair, president of Iot-Inc.IoT Internet of Things

IoT is about business, not technologies. You will find some numbers about cost estimations, integration, ROI and financial benefits of IoT adoption.

“Our customers in the IoT market do not buy components,“ confirms De La Mora of Cisco, “they buy solutions tied to business outcomes and results.”

How the Internet of Things is shaping modern business

by Ahmed Banafa, Distinguished Tenured Staff, Faculty, Author, Speaker, Heald College

An interesting view of IoT’s future and some predictions based on Worldwide Internet of Things Predictions for 2015 by IDC..

“IoT has key attributes that distinguish it from the “regular” Internet, as captured by Goldman Sachs’s S-E-N-S-E framework: Sensing, Efficient, Networked, Specialized, Everywhere. These attributes may tilt the direction of technology development and adoption, with significant implications for Tech companies.”

How Does the Industrial Internet Differ from M2M and SCADA?

by Steve Jennis is the Senior VP of Corporate Development for PrismTech

An excellent article on what industrial IoT is how it helps to “move beyond the islands of automation”.

“It’s all about the potential to extract valuable insights from data in ways never before possible (at least at an affordable cost) and to use these insights to create new business value across the whole extended enterprise.”

The Industrial Internet: Big Machines, Big Data, Big Impact

by Jacob Morgan a futurist, author, and speaker

One hour podcast for connected houses, jet engines and much more on IoT and how it will change our lives.

“In this episode of the future of work podcast, I speak with Rich Carpenter who is the Chief of Strategy for GE in their Intelligent Platforms division. Carpenter shares fascinating insight around how connected machines (usually very large machines) and devices are going to impact our economy, our jobs, and our future.”

Uuuuuh … Servitization ?

by Mike W. Otten, Founder & CEO of Sense4Things

How IoT changes the business models by enabling services on top of products. Read more about how Rolls-Royce is selling “power-by-the-hour”. Instead of selling aero engines.

“So let us return to the definitions. To make this transformation – to sell services and solutions – requires significant change inside many traditional manufacturers. They have to recognise that the product is a platform to deliver a service. They have to build solutions that deliver the outcomes their customers want and value. In essence these solutions are often capture in product-service systems, combinations of products and services. Customers only realise value from these when they actually receive the service – hence the concept of value in use.”

Searching for Value in the Internet of Things

by Joe Barkai, Product and Market Strategist and Catalyst

What you can get from the current IoT platforms, where is the value for the business and how to make the magic happen.

“But the business value of the IoT is predicated on the ability to aggregate and exploit device data streams for insight, process optimization, and decision making. Most IoT platforms cover some—perhaps most—of device connectivity and manageability needs, but barely scratch the surface when it comes to extracting business value from data and rely on external data analytics tools.”


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